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  1. Dear Conrad Murray

    Why did you do it?

    Every human life is important in your field. As a doctor, you do what's in the best interest of the patient. You treat them with care and compassion. Your Texas patients seem to agree that you treated them like a doctor should. You treated them like the human beings they are. You did your job.

    In this field where each of your patients are supposed to be treated with the respect and care, why did you treat Michael Jackson like a lab rat? Is it because ...

    Updated 20-09-2011 at 07:24 AM by StephluvsMJ

  2. feels is words of saddnss that cry out for HELP

    [COLOR=#ff0000]my life been so much piss in me cause people around me, love ones around me, other peoples around me
    they don't get me what i'm feeling inside it hurts

    my mom & dad they tell me that i'm noy allow to cry
    so one day i told them to stupid up & i say i'm allow to cry

    people think is not big idea being slow they don't understand that inside of me i live everyday slow inside it disn't go away i'm bron with it lives with me
    it hard ...
  3. CARTOONS, I Love Them How About You?

    Yes,if I want to get away from all the dramas of everyday life I don't drink, I won't do anything

    reckless, what I do is curl up in my bed and pop in some cartoons. You know I am a huge fan of the

    classics and Disney animated films. I can't take watching the news all the time because I end up with

    a headache or depressed. So what I love to do is pop in some Looney Toons, Popeye, Disney, and

    then I also love Nick Toons like Doug, ...
  4. Reading Opens Up Imagination!

    I know we hear this statement over and over but I found this to be true. Especially when reading classic Children's Fairy Tales. I also like to see different adaptations of the story too because it makes you wonder more and truly use your imagination. For example, reading the differences in Disney's versions of Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Beauty and The Beast and reading the original adaptations from the authors is mind blowing because you see the imagination and creativity it took to bring such ...
  5. THEY Dont understand

    Michael they don't understand how much WE miss you. They say to US that you were ONLY and Icon..but to were family. Just because you had THEIR blood running through your veins that DOES NOT mean that THEY loved you MORE. WE have ALL lost a great love we ALL have a huge hole in our hearts. The trial of Murray is near..NOW is the time for US ALL to stand together and continue to be your voice for Justice. THEY may say they loved you more.....But Michael they are SO wrong..WE your FANS ...
  6. Rain a Poem-by Ms.MJ Fan2007 aka Telia Battle

    Listen to the sound of the falling rain
    the sound like a drum
    As I wonder of what
    I want to stand by my window
    I can listen to the rain all day & all night.
  7. 2011 Deaths are as bad as 2009 Deaths

    2009 is a bad year for celebrities including our Michael to be gone. Now the deaths this year are getting as bad, the ones getting bad are hockey players, first Derek Boogard died in May, then last month Rick Rypien, last week Wade Belak and now yesterday most of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team of the KHL are gone including former NHLers like Pavol Demitra, Ruslen Salei and coach Brad McCrimmon. The hockey players are getting the same fate as the celebrities have.
  8. The Hurricane Irene aftermath they got some cleaning up to do

    [CENTER]Hey everyone on mjjc!
    [RIGHT]Here's a update on the Hurricane Irene:
    1. Pres. Obama is going to visted NJ/ the passic county on sun to take the tour of the flood.
    2. In some parts of the NJ area is so flooded!
    3. The gov. was on the radio to tell that everything is doing fine!
    4. There are 45 deaths in the hurricane!
    5.The power went out in my house for 2 days & it went back on on early tues morning.
    6. The tress (I mean ...
  9. Greetings!

    I want to say hello to everyone here, I couldn't help but be in awe of how beautiful this site is. I hope to meet more people and get to know each of you in time. Well about me? I am orginally from Puerto Rico and moved to California. I am learning my way around this place and forgive me if you don't understand my postings too well because English is not my first language. I have been a fan for a long time of Michael's and really am inspired by his music dancing and love. I know this is a very short ...
  10. Hurricane Irene, Is it safe to go outside for most of the people?

    [FONT=Georgia]Hi everyone form mjjc listen I kown what has been going on for the past few hours since this week the earthqauke on tuesday & this now Hurricane Irene we've got to make this very ture! I be seeing this updates for the past this week. On what it's coming I kown it has came to NC/VA/DC area. And now it's raining in my area NY/NJ area. :swoon: :bugeyed this is very serious pepole if Michael was here he will make a donation to the victums of Hurricane Irene. I mean it's really ...
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