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  1. Daryll748's Avatar
    yep, I could tell books about Michael... How I grew up with Michael as 'the friend in need'... My beautiful memories of Michael I have... I'm BLESSED I got to see him 13 times... :busted:
    Yep, we had COOL seats for 'This is it' :blush:

    My fave ones of BAD 25 is "I'm so blue" and "Free"...
    I absolutely love the Speed demon NERO mix too...
    Other songs included in the 'morning rap' are Morphine and HIStory...

    If I should list ALL my fave songs, the list would go on and on... I also love the Motown J5 era...

    Have a Great day,

  2. Thomas4MJ's Avatar
    Oh thank you :) but its not all told .... It would take hundret of pages to tell my feelings for and about michael .... He givey me power and always a smile upon my face :) i had tickets for this is it in london ;( oh god .... Well ... Yes i like bad 25 hihi abortion papers is my favourite one :) well to be honest i love all songs from mj from his disco times til now :)
    Take care Thomas
  3. Daryll748's Avatar
    What a Beautiful blog, Thomas4MJ

    Welcome to MJJC :heart:

    Yep, I know the feeling... The first thing I NEED to do when I wake up is pop in my earphones with BAD25 :chillin: and when I'm HOME... MJJC Radio :punk: is always ON...

    Indeed, Michael has that POWER to give you the needy energy, courage and fire to live in this BIG BAD world...

    Take care,