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  1. sam had a dream

    For years Sam wanted to go to college to start a new life, he finally got there and everything seemed fine he felt like they had gave him a trophy, so he held it above his head. He thought everthing was going to be ok. He had to get used to 30 plus staff without his Mum. His trophy began to shine. After quite awhile he began to notice that he couldn't talk to anyone apart from staff, the trophy began to shake but he held it up. As time went on he noticed he was being left out from having fun but ...

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  2. A story from 2 years ago

    Twenty one years ago I was born with cerebal palsy. The horrible stories are not lingering in my head, as I was too young, but getting to an age of nine, I noticed that something wasn't right. It was that I couldn't play on swings, play football or anything like that, but to help me was my very close friends.
    It was hitting me at night time one night time as the normal routine was happening, you know, eating supper, then reading a book, then going to sleep. One night time we couldn't find ...