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  1. White male rock bias

    [QUOTE=Psychoniff;4086330]The white male rock snob has always have an inert hatred towards and outright disdain for the Mj and his craft. So I was thinking why is this. Some have even brought up contemporaries like Madonna, Janet Jackson and Prince as being better examples of what 'pop' stars have achieved. They have dug deep into discrediting MJ in every possible way:

    *He couldn't sing that well
    He had a vocal range spanning 3.5/4 octaves, just ask his long term vocal coach, ...
  2. What is your Favorite Song from BAD!?

    The Bad album includes several songs that are not only vital to making the album itself stick out, but are also crucial to understanding Mike's legacy. "Smooth Criminal" has to be without a doubt his finest composition, for lyrical content, complex rhythm arrangement, and overall production values. It's one of the greatest songs of the 80's and one of the most unique songs in popular music history you'll ever hear. I also think that as a whole, all songs excluding "I Just Can't Stop ...

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  3. Best MJ lyrics

    She Pray To God, To Buddha
    Then She Sings A
    Talmud Song
    Confusions Contradict
    The Self
    Do We Know Right
    From Wrong
    I Just Want You To
    Recognize Me
    In The Temple
    You Can't Hurt Me
    I Found Peace
    Within Myself[/QUOTE]

    The thing I love most about [B]"Jam"[/B] is that it so nuanced from his earlier attempts a call for world unity. ...
  4. Best MJ lyrics

    [QUOTE=Psychoniff;4097550][QUOTE=TehHolySpir1t;4097542]I tend to think MJ lyrics aren't so great when you READ them. The words alone can't be compared to Bob Dylan lyrics, for example. Bob Dylan lyrics can often be read as poems and be very touching without the music. However, [B]Michael's performance makes all the difference. He was so good at making you [I]feel[/I] whatever mood the song tries to convey, because his voice is so versatile.[/B] He could sing any genre and make you feel exactly the ...