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  1. StageGlitter's Avatar
    Most celebrities don't understand how $500 is so valuable to the average person. To them, $500 or more (or even less than that) is just pennies. To regular "worker bees" and the "sheeple" that we're seen as, it is diamonds.
  2. StageGlitter's Avatar
    I am not upset by Janet's actions. However, other people that have spent their money on planned fares or accomodations would have been upset. If they all got their money back, then that's wonderful. Janet Jackson should have planned to host her concert at a smaller venue where ticket sales would have been sure to fill the house and pay for the requirements of the concert. But, alas, life happens. People would just be upset because of how hard it is to *gain* money *in order to* enjoy yourself. It's just really hard to save up any sort of money these days.
  3. michael555's Avatar
    I'm not against Janet, i do respect her a lot.

    First of all, the AFY tour, and the 9/11 drama, was very strange. I mean, why does she cancel her whole european tour, which was planned to begin in November (!), and then, in January, go to Japan. That's for tickets reasons, nearly for sure.

    She would do her best to reschedule the concerts? It's the 3rd tour with tickets problems. But, just remember the Number Ones tour, she went on smaller venues, and... miracle...all the concerts were performed !

    So, why does she bothers herself to plan gigs like the O2 Arena, when she knows tickets won't sell well, when smaller venues are clearly the most "adapted" ?
  4. MJInTheMirror's Avatar
    Great blog! I checked it out because the title grabbed my attention. I honestly only listened to few songs from him, so I know almost nothing about his career. But I just wanted to comment on the fact that it's interesting how when we are fans of someone his personal life can change what we think about his professional life. I think a big part of why I admire Michael is his kindess, and I don't know if I would've been such a big fan if it wasn't for that. Idk if you quite understand me, anyway, great blog (y)