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  1. PoP's Avatar
    Yeah and let's not forget the KHL team.
  2. Darth Sidious's Avatar
    the worst is all the deaths in the Nhl, worst of all time:(
  3. PoP's Avatar
    If only they listen to Don Cherry then the numbers of concussions would've dropped.
  4. Subtle Eccentric's Avatar
    I agree, I love hockey but I'm very particular on safety and to have someone that cares about the players be ignored just angers me.
  5. PoP's Avatar
    Yeah. But Bettman and the NHL are just killing the players. They think giving head shot ban can help? No, they just make concussions a lot worse than better. Cherry keeps saying the same suggestion since 99' which he told about putting old school equiptment regarding broken jaw issue. You ever heard about NHL players getting concussions before? Like the 80's and the 70's and such? No. There were no concussions back then, until Bettman came along. I want him out of the NHL, step down as commissioner and let's see if Cherry can step up becoming the NHL commissioner, he can make hockey better and I don't give a damn what other fans think of him, they're idiots any how.
  6. Subtle Eccentric's Avatar
    So unfair how nobody is taking Cherry's suggestion seriously. If anything I'm all for better protection of the players especially when it can decrease injuries like concussions.
  7. PoP's Avatar
    If they continue that crap towards me I'd rather just stone cold them or punch them in the face. There's an MJ hater who keeps on harassing me for months on the Naruto Forums. While I gone from there for a month I discovered he bad rep. me and calls me a retard right behind my back! He's the real retard there. God I still wanted him banned and out of my life.
  8. PoP's Avatar
    It is very sad. Very sad day for KHL.
  9. dam2040's Avatar
    I believe this year is bad. But, I believe we may never experience much worse than 2009,
  10. Rudolf's Avatar
    One of lativan hockey players Karlis Skrastins was in Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane too. He died...
    My country is very sad about this..
  11. PoP's Avatar
    I can never forget last year when Bob Probert died, he was one of the greatest enforcers/fighters in the NHL and I saw him play at the OPP vs NHL Alumni game in Timmins 4 years ago.
  12. Ms.MJ Fan2007's Avatar
    [QUOTE=PoP;bt374]Yeah. True.[/QUOTE]

    [FONT=Georgia]Yep :angel:[/FONT][B][/B][SIZE=1][/SIZE]
  13. PoP's Avatar
    Yeah. True.
  14. Ms.MJ Fan2007's Avatar
    [FONT=Georgia]Yes thats very ture when some sport players I mean hockey players died. And of course who can't forget Amy winehouse now she was a very good jazz singer :crying: who gone way to soon at the age of 27.[/FONT][SIZE=1][/SIZE][B][/B]
  15. yovinny's Avatar
    In many ways Michael was a modern day prophet that communicated through his music. When I listen to his words and his music it literally make me cry and I am a grown man not much younger than Michael. In many ways I feel like I grew up with the Jackson's and I will never forget hearing them on the radio as a kid or the first time I saw them on TV. I remember Michael was just a kid in his fringed vest looking cool, he was a kid just like me and I wanted to be just like him. So to me when I think of Michael I think of love. His love for mankind, love for the people that are suffering, and love for world. His message was about LOVE.

    I feel sorry for those that hate. The hatred that they have is built on a foundation of ignorance. Too many people are quick to judge others or situations that they don't understand or can't relate too. Michael gave the world a gift, the gift of his music and talent. In return he got money and fame but that came with a high price. He could not do the things that people take for granted like going to a movie or going to a store without being mobbed by fans or reporters. It must have been like living under a microscope and for what money and fame? I don't think so. I think Michael used his music to inspire others and to send a message of LOVE and PEACE.

    I think to truly remember Michael and his legacy is to look within and do something to end the hate. Do I hate the haters or wish them harm? No, I don't hate them at all, I pity them and I pity their ignorance that keeps them from hearing the message Michael tried to convey with his music. Because the message I hear is a beautiful one all about LOVE not HATE.

    The world has had enough hate to last an eternity the time has come to end all of that and to turn up the love. As another man that had many haters once said "'Father forgive them for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34)
  16. PoP's Avatar
    Those aren't the current dates. I made up the Canadian dates of the Bad & Dangerous Tour.
  17. twinklEE's Avatar
    how can he perform when the man is dead?!
  18. PoP's Avatar
    The Canadian shows on Dangerous Tour I thought of using stadiums instead of some a few arenas I believe because of the hockey season.
  19. Arklove's Avatar
    Ah, ok...gotcha :)
  20. PoP's Avatar
    Well I'm not saying he's planning on Bad & Dangerous Tour to perform, there was no such info on this and we all know he never performs his solo tours in Canada. I just said I came up with these Canadian dates if he does perform his Bad & Dangerous Tours which I believe is possible if he does perform.
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