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Best & Worst Moments of 2014

  1. The Hockey Theme

    The famous jingle "The Hockey Theme" has been part CBC's Hockey Night In Canada for a long time until 2008. TSN has now owned the jingle and CBC has got a new theme called "Canadian Gold" although I must admit it's a good jingle for HINC, but the old Hockey Theme fits better on CBC. Now it's still not the same, I mean the TSN version of the Hockey Theme just plain sucks. I don't care about the license issues, I want that jingle back to Hockey Night In Canada. It isn't the same ...
  2. Don Cherry knows best

    The only person I know who knows what's best for hockey is none other than the former Boston Bruins coach and yet best known for "Coaches Corner", Don Cherry.

    I do believe he knows what's best for hockey because he knows what's best for the kids in hockey to make teach them lessons and to be safe. Yet I still don't understand people couldn't stand him, they think he's nuts and so hypocritical they wanted him off CBC and that fact pisses me off. The people are the ones hypocritical, ...
  3. 2011 Deaths are as bad as 2009 Deaths

    2009 is a bad year for celebrities including our Michael to be gone. Now the deaths this year are getting as bad, the ones getting bad are hockey players, first Derek Boogard died in May, then last month Rick Rypien, last week Wade Belak and now yesterday most of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team of the KHL are gone including former NHLers like Pavol Demitra, Ruslen Salei and coach Brad McCrimmon. The hockey players are getting the same fate as the celebrities have.
  4. Thinking about if Michael performs his tours in Canada

    I still don't understand why Michael didn't perform his solo tours in Canada. To me I say it's because of the Canadian sales were a little bad.

    I just came up with the Canadian dates for both Bad & Dangerous Tours.

    [B][I]Bad Tour[/B][/I]

    Novemeber 20th- Vancouver, BC (BC Place)
    November 21st- Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canad Inns Stadium) or (Winnipeg Arena)
    November 23th- Montreal, Quebec (Montreal Forum) or (Olympic Stadium)
  5. MJ haters angers me so much!

    This is the first time, Yay I'm starting a blog. Now for something that's personal for which angers me.

    These damned Michael Jackson haters just angers me so much I just wanna punch them in their faces because they continue to believe in lies and still becoming stupid. That's the main reason I call every MJ hater retards (I don't really mean the mentally retarded, that's prejudice. I mean people who are stupid to not hear the truth is what I meant).

    Now I have another ...
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