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  1. The true side of "Peter Midani".

    Dear members of MJJCommunity.

    I'll like to address and comment on the recent official statement I just read regarding the fiddle of "Peter Midani" aka Bobby Anderson. It wasn't to my astonishment he'd be caught with his tail under his legs. I have been quiet and reserved for some time regarding this dilemma but not long ago felt it was necessary to let the truth finally come out.

    Many of you may know I've been an active and supportive member of MJJC since ...

    Updated 08-06-2014 at 09:46 AM by His confessions

  2. Begin to believe.

    I've been surfing around and around on the internet at various websites outside the Michaelmania and I've come to realize there are few websites out there that attracts my appetite, I mean everytime I log onto MJJC it brings me back home, home to a place where love is over the top, more than the top, it's humongous.

    I come to realize we are all people with different interests, jobs, students etc but we all have ONE thing in common and that's out beloved Michael.

    There ...
  3. And the verdict is....

    I've been thinking and thinking about this, but I decided to be 100% clean with you. (Before you're able to read or comment on this entry I'll observe every comment and person that like to read it).

    But I just go ahead... I will try to be as informative as possible about this matter and explain WHY this happened, bare with me, if there is any questions or doubts about this I can (which I don't feel like it's necessary to do but if you need any so called "proof" I'll add ...