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  1. The fivefold sign of the red roses

    In one of my meditations I saw two hearts intertwined and Michael told me to keep an eye out for the sign of the red rose. I have grown accustomed to receiving a sign within 24 hours so when the sunday passed without any red rose sign I was disappointed and doubtful. What if I just wanted this to happen so my higher self made it up ?
    On monday I received an e-mail with a link. The link was to a gorgeous video with two hearts intertwined and red roses throughout the video, accompanied by beautiful ...
  2. Lessons learned from Michael Jackson - Pure, Unconditional Love

    Before I can explain fully how Michael taught me about pure, unconditional love, I need to become deeply personal and explain my past and my inner demons and fears, so you can appreciate the full magnitude of his impact on me.
    I am not afraid to bare my soul as I only hope with all my heart that others can benefit from reading my experience and heal in the way I was healed. My heart was healed although it was broken first due to the grief of losing him, even though I had never met him or ...