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  1. List of Michael's Unreleased Material 3

    [B][CENTER][SIZE=6]This Is It (2004-2009)[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B]
    Bang Your Head (produced by Theron Feemster, unknown recording date)
    Best of Joy (produced by Theron Feemster, recorded October 2008) [B][COLOR="#00FF00"]Released on December 10, 2010 on [I]Michael[/I][/COLOR][/B]
    Broken Chair (produced by Theron Feemster, unknown recording date)
    Butter Funk (produced by Michael Durham Prince, unknown recording date)
    Changes (produced by Brad Buxer, recorded ...
  2. List of Michael's Unreleased Material 2

    [B][CENTER][SIZE=6]Dangerous (1989-1993)[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B]
    All the Truth (unknown recording date) [B]Title mentioned on handwritten sheet of songs circa 1990[/B]
    Alright Now (produced by John Barnes, recorded 1989) [B][COLOR="#FFA500"]Ralph Tresvant version released on November 27, 1990[/COLOR][/B]
    Blood on the Dance Floor (produced by Teddy Riley, recorded 1990) [B][COLOR="#00FF00"]Released on May 20, 1997[/COLOR][/B]
    Bottle of Smoke (produced by ...
  3. List of Michael's Unreleased Material 1

    Original post:

    [B][U]Last update:[/U][/B] March 10, 2013

    Color coding (all in bold print) is assembled as follows:
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Red = known information about public Internet leak[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#00FF00"]Green = information on eventual certified releases of the track in question on a future album[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#FFA500"]Orange ...
  4. Abortion, Fame, and 'Bad': Listening to Michael Jackson's Unreleased Demos - Joseph Vogel

    In late 1986, Michael Jackson was pacing in Westlake Audio's Studio D, singing to himself: "I feel so bad, I feel really bad, God music makes me feel good."
    "At the time, we had no idea the name of the album was going to be called Bad," jokes assistant engineer, Russ Ragsdale.
    It wasn't the only revelation for the crew at Westlake. It turned out in the interval between Thriller and the official start of the Bad sessions, Jackson had written some 60-70 new songs. ...
  5. VHS restoration Smith MotionDSP : Steve Jobs interview

    [QUOTE=Memefan;3691262][URL=""]How the lost Steve Jobs interview was restored from a VHS tape to something worthy of theatrical release[/URL][/QUOTE]
  6. Incredible lifelike Michael Jackson Thriller bust [Update] The Creator comments in our thread

    [QUOTE=godaiking;3687900]Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to pass on some new pics of my revised MJ sculpt. I've fixed a few things like the eyes and other small parts. Still not a 100% but I think it looks better than the previous ones I've done:


    [IMG][/IMG] ...
  7. MJ unreleased tracks

    Buffalo Bill (1983) (Michael Jackson)
    Michael Jackson
    [/B][COLOR=red][B]Inspired by the legendary gunfighter James Butler Hickok aka Buffalo "Wild Bill"
    Hickok. Supposed to be an outtake of the album [U]VICTORY (1984)[/U] by The Jacksons,
    later intended to be released on the album [U]BAD (1987)[/U].[/B][/COLOR]
    [LIST][*]Michael Jackson's then manager Frank Dileo in ...
  8. MJ vidéos shot on film.

    [QUOTE=Skizzorpuppy;3682728]Here is a run down of the videos and what format they were shot and edited on. As you can see a great deal of MJ's videos would need remastering and in some cases the entire post process recreated for HD.

    1979 "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough" 1980 "Rock with You" 1980 "She's Out of My Life"
    (I think this was shot on video, but it could be film. It could just look like video because of the late 70’s quality video tape.) ...