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  1. moon2008's Avatar
    simply amazing!!!! Excellent Job, I'd love to see a bad era also. I'm curious to know exactly what out of the bad era you're going to choose!!!
  2. Daryll748's Avatar
    OMG, that's awesome indeed
  3. myosotis's Avatar
    Stunning..... I can't wait to see the Bad era sculpt!
  4. qbee's Avatar
    Beautifulsoul members are commenting in the thread started from Godaiking on the board
    They are all very appreciative and in awe of his artistic talent _

    Here is the link to the discussion
  5. Dunk96's Avatar
    I'm so amazed nobody's commented on this.This is unbelievably incredible.It's eerily lifelike and it looks a lot better than any of the Madame Tusseaud's wax figures.You've done an incredible job.