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  1. souldreamer7's Avatar
    I really enjoyed this blog post. :)
  2. souldreamer7's Avatar
    Great Post!
  3. Daryll748's Avatar
    Yep! Let's keep playing and make Michael proud.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful 'brain teasers' heehee!
  4. Daryll748's Avatar
    Wonderful read J5 ;)
    Stirs quite a bit of an own reflection in me, heehee!
  5. J5master's Avatar
    Thank you for the kind words!

    And StephluvsMJ, your comments mad me feel like should admit something. Although I've embraced the fantasy once again, it's still very much a work in progress. My dreams and aspirations are still clouded by doubt. I've still very much given up on a lot of things I was so sure I was going to do when I was kid (I know what you mean about the HOURS AND HOURS of learning a craft, I stopped writing in my journal when MJ died. And I spent tons of hours just writing and writing I have like 50 journals of memories and that I wanted to preserve ever since I was 9, all the way up until I was 21. That all stopped. As embarrassing as my writing was before 2009...when I read back on it, I have to admit it was more daring. More dynamic. More adventurous - because I was young and my imagination was limitless - now, I feel stifled in my writing).

    So yeah, I'm not sure if I'll ever get that 'free' feeling I once had back - that passion, that drive. But I know I have to try. I know that if I don't try then I'm just going to be miserable for the rest of my life as a creative being - its just in my blood, I know that about myself. And I also believe in a lot of things that MJ said, to keep that child-like quality - at least some of it, is life saving. And I also realized, MJ wasn't just about being in a complete fantasy world either (though his lifestyle allowed him to create one a lot easier). I remember in one of his speeches, i think it was for his birthday in 2003 - he said that he was taking the perspective of an ADULT...

    ...hold on lemme go look and find the exact

    Ah. There we go. He said he wanted to celebrate "the youthful imagination that will always be a part of me, its who I am - and the ADULT perspective of a father, and artist and a member of my community." And this spoke volumes to me in so many ways. Just practically, as an individual - an adult just trying to make ends meet,,I think one thing we can learn from MJ is simply finding your joy. Do what we need to do to handle our responsibilities to ourselves, our family, our community as an adult (which is what being an adult really means I would think)....but do so with a youthful imagination.

    So maybe the next job I get is another monotonous trap of corporate mind numbing crap lol But this time - I think I'll approach it differently. I'll put on "Best of Joy" or "Keep the Faith" or whatever else...and go into it bringing a bit of MJ's spirit in that environment. L.O.V.E. And by learning from Mike (his successes AND his failures), I will keep a leveled and adult perspective as I go along. But never, ever, ever let go of dreaming/creating goals for myself - even small ones. Maybe it IS sponsoring a child. Maybe it IS finding some time during the weekend to volunteer. Maybe it IS picking up my journals again. Or the one I decided to go for ever since I had this 'epiphany' - save up to move to the UK and work for a year by next fall and get out there to see the world. Whatever crap situation I'm in, I'm going to make room for that child in me to peak through, the child that used to strive for things, no matter how small it may be.

    And even from a MJ fan perspective, that quote I think has meaning. MJ was saying then that it was with that perspective that he wanted his fans to join him in the initiatives he had planned - one of which was the organization he had entitled "Go For Your Dreams." As he said, if young people don't go for their dreams then there will be no change in the world. And I think as fans, one thing we can do for MJ is just live out his message as best as we can. We may not change the world, but maybe we can change a life. And I think the impact MJ's life has had - just on an INDIVIDUAL basis - is doable. I'm not talking about being the greatest entertainer that ever lived with so much talent he can touch the souls of millions. I'm talking about him being a person who opened his heart wide enough to let a child with AIDS enjoy some finer things during his last days, including being loved and appreciated by someone like Michael Jackson. He changed our lives as individuals too, him just changing ONE life - honestly? Thats worth more than anything, and we know this because we are all changed by him. So if I can just change ONE life, inspire ONE person - doesn't have to be the world - isn't it worth it?

    Everyone can do what Michael did in or own way, even in our very adult lives in the harsh reality of the world. And I think thats a way we can carry on his legacy. Show the world what it can be. It may not get there in our lifetimes, and it didn't get there in Michael's. But that doesn't mean it can't get there. And I know I will feel more fulfilled trying than not trying.

    So I don't know if any of what I said helps, but right now - I'd love for EVERY MJ fan to rediscover what MJ has been trying to tell us. MJ's spirit and his message and his TRUTH is still living and that is never, ever going to die, especially if we as a fan base won't let it.
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  6. StephluvsMJ's Avatar
    Your essay brought tears to my eyes! Your words really hit home for me.

    When I was younger, I used to think I could be like MJ and use whatever talents I had to change the world like he did. I used to sit down for hours at a time practicing piano, used to go to the library, get all the books about singing and tried to teach myself how to sing. Used to do this for HOURS, FOR YEARS. Dreams were real, and they do come true and I knew that if I worked hard I was going to make it.

    Well now I'm an adult, and a little thing called reality swept in and tore everything up! Music career? changing the world? helping the poor? sponsoring a child? Forget it. I'm earning a little teeny bit of money as a receptionist where I'm underpaid. I'm making no impact on the world whatsoever, passion is gone, all talents going to waste and I'm having to deal with rich men and women living in their giant mansions taking whatever they can get from me. The landlord, the boss, the family, everyone! You're livelihood is in their hands, and if you dare slack off just once, or can't afford something, you run the risk of loosing everything. This is the world that we've created. I can't even imagine how it is for people who are living in real poverty. The way the world is must seem so unfair to them. But then I think, if they can have hope, why can't I?

    I'm so thankful that I got to live in fantasy as a child, and Michael is definitely a part of that. He was a superhero to me and I'll never forget the joy and magic he brought to my life. When I watch his concerts now, or listen to his music, I still feel little bits of the magic that I used to feel when I was younger and passionate about life and the future. I hope that, like you, I can embrace fantasy once again. Even just a little bit. We need it to survive in reality!
  7. reibish's Avatar
    Oh, I wish I had the energy for an appropriate response to this. There are so many things I'm going through when reading this - "Oh! YES! Me too! You too?!" "That's not crazy at all!" ::cue insanely long discussion::

    I just want to say thank you for sharing your story, and I'm so glad to see you back, even though I didn't know you before, and I'm still new here too! I bet Michael would be/is happy to see the same.

    I'm not at a point with the MJJC that I'm ready to share my story - I just got really close with another group before and I guess I've done so much good work with my grief and heartache that it feels like starting over - but I hope it will come forth in time and I'm glad there are others like you and I seeking to reconnect. Where there is loooooove...

    Hope this is a start of something new and good for you!
  8. Tygger's Avatar
    "And if you did read all of this - WOW, thank you! lol"

    No, thank you. One of the nicest posts I read regarding Michael in a very long time.