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  1. My thoughts on the Cascio tracks

    I'm WRONG!
    the jackson's are WRONG
    and Sony's WRONG

    Sorry, had to get that out, where am i going with this?
    The debate over Michael's Authenticity is just out of control and nuts!

    Why? Because your all wrong! It's like religion, theres a book telling the believers the rules, theirs experts preaching the facts but in the end all the followers believe something completely different, for example some people believe (im in the catagory) that BN is ...
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  2. R.I.P Yellow iPod

    Weird title... yeah tell me about it.

    Anyway, last week me and my family went to the beach, and on the way there i was all like :punk: to MJ's music as usual.
    Once there i gave mum my iPod and went swimming, when i came back i dried off and listened to some more music.
    I then decided to go swimming again :no: once the water reached my stomach i realized the true horror of what had happened... my iPod... Was still in my pocket :bugeyed:

    I now have dad's ...
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  3. Larry's Reviews: Danger Days, The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys


    It's My Chemical Romance's 4th studio album, and they have most certainly polished their sound, now this album has a few short spoken interludes which i will not count in my final scoring.
    The way i score is simple, i score each song out of 10 and give a percentage by dividing the score i gave with the total score (in this case 120) and then multiplying by 100.

    1. Na Na Na ...
    Larry's Reviews
  4. Larry's Reviews: Michael

    Hold My Hand 8/10: This song is a masterpiece and definitely shows that Michael's vocal talent only got better with age, the lyrics and the extra Michael we hear (on top of the 2008 version) are the songs upsides, however, Akon's annoying auto-tuned rapping brings this song down.

    Hollywood Tonight 9/10: The groovy bass and the beatboxing grab you, and the first lines of the song sound like a new Michael that is new and ready for a comeback. The verses, the bridge and the music are ...

    Updated 24-12-2010 at 09:04 AM by larry141094

    Larry's Reviews