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  1. Michael Jackson Might Actually Not Be On His New Album

    Michael Jackson reportedly might not be on his new album at all. Sony has said they aren't completely sure and have been performing scientific tests on the album to see if they can find him in the music.

    They will let us know when they are for sure.

    The album comes out in a few days and features music inspired by Michael Jackson!

  2. Michael Jackson Is On The Michael Album!!!

    Breaking News!!! :o

    Michael Jackson sings a song on his new album!

    It's not confirmed yet which song Michael actually sings on his upcoming album, but reports are saying it is possibly a song called 'Hold My Hand', which he sings a third of.

    We will keep you updated if there is any evidence of Michael singing other songs on his new album!
  3. My First Blog

    Hello, everyone. This is Aniram. Here is my blog at MJJCommunity. Good day. :)