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  1. Daryll748's Avatar
    awwww thanks sweeties... :better:
  2. Lark's Avatar
    I'm so happy for you Daryll! Lots of light and love to you!
  3. xthunderx2's Avatar happy for you Daryll. Glad you are happy and well :hug:
  4. MjsLovelyOne88's Avatar
    That's wonderful Daryll, I'm very happy for you.. I wish I could say the same about me, but unfortunately my family is going through some tough times at the moment..Michael, my sister, my pets and my mother keep me sane..can't say the same about my father.
  5. julia95's Avatar
    I am really happy for you Daryll. :hug:
  6. Daryll748's Avatar
    yep, indeed... I was a bit sceptical about that strict diet I started in August but I FEEL so much better now and it's NOT a hassle to stick to it though...

    My 'stress' zero tolerance 'masked' another 'disability' but to me... I see it as a GIFT that creative people share... I'm exactly relieved NOW I know... Thanks for caring, Lovely one
  7. MjsLovelyOne88's Avatar
    Well welcome welcome back. I'm glad you're doing better now, keep up the good work! A good diet and relaxing do help you feel better..more, alive? maybe, I've experienced that, so I'm glad you can too. :ciao:
  8. Daryll748's Avatar
    Thank you Soul

    I FEEL better again and my brace ROCKS to write...
    It's really COOL that people like you my work... It gives me the COURAGE to BELIEVE and STRIVE for excellence...
    As soon as 'dusk' has settled in... I'm kicking off with a NEW story... So excited to start it but my muse only 'turns up' after 'dusk'

  9. souldreamer7's Avatar

    I love reading your blog. :hug:
  10. Daryll748's Avatar
    ah well, I hate to burst the bubble... I did have a COOL day but I'm stuck at HOME now... I LOST my hand again and NOW for GOOD

    This world is indeed way too cruel... Can you imagine the 'employer' saying that's what they 'aimed' for? :beee:

    Anyway, Michael 'taught' me to NEVER GIVE UP and I'm 'allowed' now to use a brace otherwise... I can't use my right hand any more... I'm typing this with my old brace now... I'm getting a NEW one next Friday and I can't wait... It's silly but I'm excited about it... I hope it's better than my old worn out brace I'm wearing now though...

    So, dear... it's okay... to though... You should see me watching's quite scary how I curse and nag... I can't cope with Michael's torture, murder, loss... So, I hide away here and I get lost in my stories...

    So, keep your head up, Ankita :better:

  11. Ankita's Avatar
    Daryll, I'm writing this through tears...a deluge of tears...I cry every day, at times for hours and hours together...I too lost 'all' hope in the wrld three years ago, and that hope has not returned. I cry all the time, sometimes without letting tears fall from my eyes...I know i'm letting him down by being this way, and I try so very hard every day to be strong, but I'm failing. I've fought for him for 20 years. I was a kid and not even a fan, when the 1993 case happened and I knew in a moment that he was innocent. That was the beginning of my journey of L.O.V.E, innocence, joy with an angel...but it was also a journey of unimaginable pain, anguish, agony...watching him being crucified every day with all the lies, slander, untruth...I picked up my pen as my sword and fought the lies with all my might, writing to the detractors day and night...I could keep on keeping on, because he was here. It was all bearable because we had him on this side-still smiling, still singing, still giving, still forgiving, still blessing, inspite of the heart-wrenching pain he was suffering inside. But they killed him. And we could do nothing. How do I cope with this grief ? This unending sorrow, this hopelessness, this darkness that gnaws at my heart all the time? I'm sorry to write such a sad post, but couldn't help pouring out a bit of what I'm going through for the past three years.

    I'm so, so, so happy for you, Daryll! May God bless you and may you find great joy and contentment at your 2nd chance in life! ((())) Please keep in me your prayer. I thank you for sharing your joy with us! I hope some day I too will be able to smile from the heart again, shine my light and do him proud.
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  12. Daryll748's Avatar
    hey Romi :hiya:

    I remember this day... I felt so BLESSED in that moment to show the world what I had learnt from Michael...

    L.O.V.E is indeed the message...

  13. Daryll748's Avatar
    Thanks Romi :hiya:

    It's "receptionist" but this time in a Hotel :cheeky:

    I'm really looking forward to it...
    I even learnt how to ride my bike again this week as I don't wanna be 'dependant' on public transport...

    Well, Hun... There are GOOD and BAD days... I often have a BAD days too...
    There is always TOMORROW... A NEW day to be HAPPY...

    What I think is really HEALING is a SCHEDULE so you don't have TIME to eat yourself up... Even the 'psych consult' told me that was really wise of me...

    When you still 'cry' after almost 3 years it means you really Michael from the bottom of your heart... It means he's really part of your life, your soul...

    So, don't hide your tears... Let them flow and Michael's love will dry them...

    Have a GREAT weekend, Hun.


  14. earthlyme's Avatar
    [FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#000080][B] Girl… I'm a mess right now. lol. I dont know whats going on with me but but I'm sooo emotional today that This *HAPPY* Blog made me cry. Smh… :lol: THANKYOU for this. And Very true Words!

  15. earthlyme's Avatar
    [FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#000080][B] I dont know why but i've been emotional the whole day today. And reading this made me sooooo happy for you!!!! And emotional at the same time because I can relate to what you've been going through/still going through the past 3 years and THERE IS INDEED A LIGHT @ The end of the Tunnel! I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL Experience @ your Internship and Just BE HAPPY AND Healthy! AND I'm sooo Glad that You Kept the Faith.


    P.S. What field is your internship?

  16. dam2040's Avatar
    I'll be glad to hear the updates See, this is what Michael does! Give us STRENGTH, HOPE.
  17. Daryll748's Avatar
    Thanks sweeties...
    Yep, if the man from the job agency was 'baffled' :blink:
    I told him its cause of my friends of MJJCommunity that gave me the strength and he was suddenly 'curious' about this place
    I'll keep you updated folks.

    Much back
  18. mjfan4alongtime's Avatar
    Taking that first step is being brave!, Well done you I know the feeling of having that 'label' no job gets you down, the thought of taking that step and looking for a job gets you down, it's like being on a roundabout. Smile because you are strong, strong enough to make the choice to find part time work even though you have depression. The comment above is very true, we all have to have 'rhinoceros skin' like Michael, you stay strong daryll, good luck in the search for work....I won't comment on fantasy's, i see fantasy's different. don't know if that's a 'everybody sees things differently' thing or just a 'me' thing. Maybe there is a fantasy for you that will give you the courage to go out in this world, to go forward, to find that job. Wishing lots of good luck for you
    Much love
  19. dam2040's Avatar
    Much much love back. Your right, we've all got to be like Michael and have 'rhinoceros skin'. We need to stay strong in honour of Michael and what he stood for. A fantasy CAN'T give you the joy, pleasure and strength we all receive from here. I certainly know I'd be lost without this place!
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    i felt te same if you are referring to the picture i think you are,
    hugs to you and much love,
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