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through each and every day,
in our own small way,
we can love and teach,
those within our reach,
that the power to heal ,
is one very real,
something you can do,
it's up to you,
from the place where we are,
no matter how far,
or where you are,
the power is in our hands,
to help heal these lands,
send love to the earth,
and those who she gave birth,
if we all do our part,
we can reach every heart,
to pave the way ,
for a brighter day

  1. love is the key

    love is the key
    how we all should be
    sunshine from the heart
    no matter near or apart
    when you need a friend
    my hand i will lend
    to guide your way
    to a better day
    through times so tough
    though the path is rough
    to show you i care
    i am always there
  2. the healer

    with my hands and heart held high
    without a tear without a sigh
    i willingly open my heart for you
    to bring to you a love so true
    to sooth away all your pain
    my love to you i will not restrain
    to light your face with a smile
    and help your worries ease a while
    selflessly i gently pave your way
    through each and every new day
    to heal the hurt you hide within
    love has no bounds, never gives in
    judgement is not a word ...