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You make us crazy!

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I laugh with resignation but inside I feel frustrated sometimes. Why, why is it that men do stupid things and women get the blame? Why is it that when a woman aptly communicates how she feels, she is touted as being over-emotional and whiny – but it’s apparently much better for a man to play head-games, emotionally shut down and fail to show any kind of honesty even if he’s dying on the inside to do just that?

Seriously, and then it starts; “[I]Oh yeah, I dated this crazy bitch once…[/I]” and we end up one of their stories that they get to share with their equally arrogant friends. Here’s a tip, women go crazy because they are constantly treated like shit for wanting to recognise the good in a man no matter what stupid thing he does or how insensitive and hurtful he has been. They go ‘crazy’ because after constantly making excuses for the jerk that has done wrong, putting up with the constant bs and trying with great fervor against her better judgment to help the situation – it blows up in our faces, we get hurt and we never get resolve.

And for the life of me, I can’t be bothered playing games anymore. Sometimes I find it hard to talk about things that are bothering me for the lack of wanting to cause conflict – this is an issue I’ve run in to on more than one occasion in the past – but I’ve found that most men carry on an entire relationship with not saying what they want to say – failing at communication and ending up ruining it. There’s the whole biblical thing about pointing out a speck in your eye when you can’t see past the log in your own… but hey, whatever.

I want to say I can’t figure men out – but that’s not true. They’re actually very simple to figure out. Most cannot be completely honest to save a life, and those who are, are usually either arrogant, cruel or have ridiculously large egos.

Makes me even wonder why I should bother...?

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  1. JohnC's Avatar
    Answer: Men are assholes.
  2. HumbleHeart's Avatar
    LOL! that is my finding as well.
  3. Brennsuppe's Avatar
    hm hm hm, just stumbled in here totally by accident ... For what it's worth: there are a lot of assholes out there and I think they make up an equal share of the male AND female population of the planet. If you think/feel/know someone is a bad person and treats you like sh*t, walk away. That's the only solution to the problem. Of course, if one is female and runs into the ever-same problems with the opposite sex, one tends to think all men are assholes. The reverse, of course, is also true. Trust your instincts and don't ever try to change people (i.e. making them the way you want them to be, you think they should be, etc.). This will never work.
  4. HumbleHeart's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice... I think with age, I have learned to trust my instincts... if it's not right, it's usually not right. Sometimes its hard when your heart is involved though. Better luck for me, next time :) Thanks for your thoughtful response though! =)