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Michael's MAGIC is everywhere...

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Today, I visited family and during a convo, my uncle suddenly started babbling about Michael's ex wife... the Presley daughter... He had seen the Oprah interview with her and I will not repeat all the names he called her but anyway... I was :wild: of how POSITIVE he talked about Michael and he even 'blamed' LMP for his "passing"

Okay, I couldn't believe it... He had always been so sceptical and negative about Michael when he was still here and NOW...

See, Michael even "invades" the minds of "sceptics" these days... Way to go honey

Of course, that made my day hey...

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  1. LindaC781's Avatar
    LMP is the biggest phony there is in Hollywood...and that's saying something!
  2. 8701girl's Avatar
    I really dont think lisa is to blame for mjs death but like linda said she is a welll lets just say she anit all that she pretends to be.
  3. StacyJ's Avatar
    [QUOTE=LindaC781;bt251]LMP is the biggest phony there is in Hollywood...and that's saying something![/QUOTE]

    I agree with that statement.. Very much a fraud
  4. Daryll748's Avatar
    Well, that was my uncle's opinion hey... She's PART of the whole WHY we 'lost' Michael so soon but I think there are other BIG factors of WHY the world is 'deprived' of Michael... Then again, Michael is NOT here in 'flesh' anymore but his 'spirit' and 'love' continues to grow and 'infest' even the scepticals.... Yeehaa!

    They thought it was 'easy' to get rid of 'the talent' hey... Think again, losers
  5. 8701girl's Avatar
    Excatly! the man may be dead but his music & spirit lives on