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The fivefold sign of the red roses

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In one of my meditations I saw two hearts intertwined and Michael told me to keep an eye out for the sign of the red rose. I have grown accustomed to receiving a sign within 24 hours so when the sunday passed without any red rose sign I was disappointed and doubtful. What if I just wanted this to happen so my higher self made it up ?
On monday I received an e-mail with a link. The link was to a gorgeous video with two hearts intertwined and red roses throughout the video, accompanied by beautiful music. The link, if you're curious is [url][/url]
Two days later I was googling my own name because a collegaue got funny results while googling her last name. That is bound to happen when your last name is the same as a well-known zoo! When I googled my name I stumbled upon an East-European website with the names of the people who paid for "One Rose for Michael" in 2010 and my name was on that list too. Plus I finally saw the pictures of endless buckets of red roses as there were 3000 roses there for Michael. So, red roses again!
On Mother's Day I happened to be in a hotel with a friend. All the women that day received a single red rose!
Then some days later I was at a wedding and it was time to cut the wedding cake. There were several layers of wedding cake with marzipan red roses here and there. I happened to receive a piece of wedding cake with a red rose on it. Then, with the next weekly meditation Michael told me he had a book he wanted me to read. The very next day a friend came up to me and said "I brought you the book we had discussed previously." That was months ago and I had forgotten all about that. She handed me the book "In an Eastern Rose Garden" by Hazrat Inyat Khan on Sufism.

Now you may wonder why I wanted to share these experiences other than their magic ? It wasn't until a couple of days later that it suddenly dawned on me: I was directed towards five types of love: Unconditional Love, Friendship or Agape Love, Motherly Love, Romantic Love and Divine Love.

The most important asset or virtue is love. There are many forms of love, yet it isn't about having. It's about being and sharing from your heart and soul. It is very paradoxal but love and freedom go hand in hand. It's like the old fairy tale of the Arabian king who was enchanted by the pure, boundless beauty of a nightingale's singing. The little nightingale was put in a cage to sing night and day for the king, but it's song was a song of freedom, of the wind playing with the leaves, of sunbeams gently caressing the soft petals of the lotus, so the nightingale couldn't sing like it was meant to. Pure and true love allows each of us to sing the song we are meant to sing, in perfect harmony, like the notes in a symphony.

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  1. souldreamer7's Avatar
    That is beautiful. I really enjoyed reading this!

  2. Severus Snape's Avatar
    Interesting. Do you mind if I share this?
  3. MJJLaugh's Avatar
    Dear Mikage Souji,

    I would be honored if you want to share this with others. Please do.
    Best Wishes
  4. MJJLaugh's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Mikage Souji;bt279]Interesting. Do you mind if I share this?[/QUOTE]

    Dear Mikage Souji,

    Yes of course you may share this. I would be very honored.
    Thank you!
    Best wishes,

    I replied to the blog and I should have used the reply function.
  5. Severus Snape's Avatar
    [QUOTE=MJJLaugh;bt282]Dear Mikage Souji,

    Yes of course you may share this. I would be very honored.
    Thank you!
    Best wishes,

    I replied to the blog and I should have used the reply function.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks a lot. =)
  6. MJJLaugh's Avatar
    The link to the Youtube video doesn't work and there is no button that lets me edit the blog, so here's the link to the original video that I found, the first sign of red roses: