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NOT all docs are BAD ;)

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Hello MJ fam

Have you seen my blog... Hee hee... I'll frequently 'update' it... I'm so PROUD of it...
No seriously, I have the 'sweetest' surgeon ever... :cheeky:
He knows how 'hostile' I am towards doctors and meds as he knows I'm a 'die hard' MJ fan and he's ever so gentle with me...
He just said... "I have GOOD news... You don't need a new OP yet..." though he looked kinda worried at the scans :mello:
He could have 'scolded' me as I'm a 'bit' and I should be in that sofa more often but I can't... I need to 'live' but I'll try NOT to be 'in his arms' soon so...
I've come up with a scedule that divides my time equaly between 'rest' and 'play' ... I don't wanna loose this place... Its my home ... My salvation...

I take my words back... NOT all docs are "evil" and I happened to 'bump' into a sweet one...

Thank you Dr. Hendrix

Signed, Daryll and 'Ortega', my Titanium friend :smilerolleyes:

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