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HUGE MJ collection for sale

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But where do I sell it ?
I have so many collectibles and special items for sale.
I've browsed the internet for a couple of years to find the right buyer or place to sell.

Anyone out there who can help me ?

~ Sascha

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  1. Jacob"TheBoss"Angle's Avatar
    Ebay. :naughty:
  2. Batmanblack's Avatar
    too confusing for me :(
  3. Gonetoosoon's Avatar
    Contact me :) Haha. What items do you have? PM me? xx

    By the way, eBay is the best and quickest option. I thought it would be confusing but after one or two purchases it feels like second nature to me now.
  4. tu_michael1985's Avatar

    i have some MJ outfits. could u pls help me to sell?