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Giving up (?!)

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Have to say I'm really tired, dont wanna move on, dont even wanna think. Michael, I would give up my life long ago if it were not for you. I keep reassuring me that you want me to live; you dont want my life. However, I now can't hold on to it no more. What's the point of existing when you already feel dead?! - REsponsiblities. -Damn!

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  1. dam2040's Avatar
    I feel exactly the same way.I sometimes don't know how to go on.
  2.'s Avatar
    i feel the same way too.but please your post worries me, please don't do anything silly please.
  3. MIST's Avatar
    Hugs to you
    Maybe you can get help from this support-forum [url][/url]
  4. dam2040's Avatar
    [;bt298]i feel the same way too.but please your post worries me, please don't do anything silly please.[/QUOTE]

    If you said that to me,Thank you but no,I wouldn't do anything silly.Michael wouldn't want it :(
  5.'s Avatar
    hi dam,I know how both of you feel,michael was in my life for 25yrs.I like alot of us grew up with him,michael not being in our lives now is a really shock to our systems,i don't think we will ever get over him,but sometimes i read comments that worry me,so glad to hear you are o.k.i was infact referring to both of you,you and the op of this blog.take care both of you.huigs
    anyone evr needs to talk,please use the support forum,the link has been posted above,or you can pm me if you like,
  6. dam2040's Avatar
    thanks Sarah. It means alot because alot of people don't understand the pain so it just makes it hard and sometimes feels like you are all alone in the world.:(
  7. Daryll748's Avatar
    ah sweeties... Keep your head up... I know how you feel...
    I was just saying on FB... I couldn't have imagined how COOL my life NOW is...
    NO, I haven'T forgotten about Michael... I have found my peace... Found this HOME where I feel save and loved :heart:

    I know all days are NOT the same and sometimes we're down and out... Life sucks without Michael and I have my :( moments too but there is a reason WHY you still here...

    I know about BAD luck and SHATTERED DREAMS... but GIVING UP is NOT an OPTION... It means you have to try even HARDER to reach your goal but your Victory will be even sweeter... I promise you that ;)

    LOTS of :heart: to you
  8. dam2040's Avatar
    Daryll,you are right.I will try hard not to give in and make Victory much sweeter. Thank you Daryll for those words. Words mean so much sometimes...Thankyou.
  9. IWBWYA's Avatar
    Well, I did think of 'it' when I wrote this post; actually, more than one though. However, i'm not gonna do it now, a couple years later, maybe, when im able to wrap things up nicely.
  10. Daryll748's Avatar
    Oh I thought about IT too but then this 'little nagging voice' scolds me... "Stupid, go inside.."
    The 'thing' is keeping yourself busy so that those 'dark thoughts' don't pop up anymore...

    Keep your head up <3