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HOW I healed my grief

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A blog HERE... To HELP YOU dear friends...
Yep, today it dawned on me... I guess I'm finally 'healed' from grief and that 2 years later... Quite a 'rollercoaster' ride...
I got this book "Grieving for Dummies" and its a real cool read

WHY I think I'm healed...
I feel fine... I feel grounded again... I don't burst into tears on any given moment... I don't curse, I don't yell out of 'frustration' anymore...

I can just chill and watch a movie... I can dance and singalong to Michael's awesome music... I can even 'concentrate' again on stuff I love to do...

Then again, this came with the NEEDY sacrifices and changes...
I AVOID people, places even TV programs that UPSET me
I THINK POSITIVE in the "I CAN" mode only
I DARE to DREAM again :cheeky:
I WEAR MJ T-shirts that will keep me SAVE when I'm out
I SPREAD L.O.V.E instead of H.A.T.E and E.N.V.Y

I REALIZE that trying to make sense of this whole MURDER thingy and KEEP CURSING about it WON'T bring Michael back... It ONLY hurts ME :agree:

I REALIZE that I'm NOT ALONE in my pain and sorrow... HERE, Thousands of fans SHARE my feelings and NO ONE should feel LONELY :better:


This was a heartfelt blog by Daryll748

So PROUD to belong to this awesome Community

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  1. Lucilla's Avatar
    wow, I would love to read that book :mello:
    Great post
  2. Daryll748's Avatar
    Thanks Luz
    This is the info for the book...

    [LEFT][COLOR=#000000]Grieving For Dummies
    [URL=""][COLOR=#1f638a]Greg Harvey[/COLOR][/URL]
    ISBN: 978-0-470-06742-0
    358 pages
    July 2007

    US $19.99