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Best & Worst Moments of 2014

Thinking about if Michael performs his tours in Canada

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I still don't understand why Michael didn't perform his solo tours in Canada. To me I say it's because of the Canadian sales were a little bad.

I just came up with the Canadian dates for both Bad & Dangerous Tours.

[B][I]Bad Tour[/B][/I]

Novemeber 20th- Vancouver, BC (BC Place)
November 21st- Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canad Inns Stadium) or (Winnipeg Arena)
November 23th- Montreal, Quebec (Montreal Forum) or (Olympic Stadium)
November 25th, 26th- Toronto, Ontario (Maple Leaf Garden) or (CNE Stadium)
November 29th- Ottawa, Ontario (Frank Clair Stadium)

[B][I]Dangerous Tour[/B][/I]

February 10th, 11th- Vancouver, BC (BC Place)
February 14th- Calgary, Alberta (McMahon Stadium)
February 15th- Edmonton, Alberta (Commonwealth Stadium)
February 18th, 19th- Winnipeg (Canad Inns Stadium)
February 20th, 21st- Toronto, Ontario (Skydome)
February 24th- Montreal, Quebec (Olympic Stadium)
February 26th- St. John's, Newfoundland (King George V Park)
February 27th- Halifax, Nova Scotia (Huskies Stadium)
February 29th- Ottawa, Ontario (Frank Clair Stadium)

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  1. Arklove's Avatar
    So this means he was planning on touring Canada for both Bad and Dangerous tours? Where did you get this information?
  2. PoP's Avatar
    Well I'm not saying he's planning on Bad & Dangerous Tour to perform, there was no such info on this and we all know he never performs his solo tours in Canada. I just said I came up with these Canadian dates if he does perform his Bad & Dangerous Tours which I believe is possible if he does perform.
  3. Arklove's Avatar
    Ah, ok...gotcha :)
  4. PoP's Avatar
    The Canadian shows on Dangerous Tour I thought of using stadiums instead of some a few arenas I believe because of the hockey season.
  5. twinklEE's Avatar
    how can he perform when the man is dead?!
  6. PoP's Avatar
    Those aren't the current dates. I made up the Canadian dates of the Bad & Dangerous Tour.