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Best & Worst Moments of 2014

2011 Deaths are as bad as 2009 Deaths

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2009 is a bad year for celebrities including our Michael to be gone. Now the deaths this year are getting as bad, the ones getting bad are hockey players, first Derek Boogard died in May, then last month Rick Rypien, last week Wade Belak and now yesterday most of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team of the KHL are gone including former NHLers like Pavol Demitra, Ruslen Salei and coach Brad McCrimmon. The hockey players are getting the same fate as the celebrities have.

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  1. Ms.MJ Fan2007's Avatar
    [FONT=Georgia]Yes thats very ture when some sport players I mean hockey players died. And of course who can't forget Amy winehouse now she was a very good jazz singer :crying: who gone way to soon at the age of 27.[/FONT][SIZE=1][/SIZE][B][/B]
  2. PoP's Avatar
    Yeah. True.
  3. Ms.MJ Fan2007's Avatar
    [QUOTE=PoP;bt374]Yeah. True.[/QUOTE]

    [FONT=Georgia]Yep :angel:[/FONT][B][/B][SIZE=1][/SIZE]
  4. PoP's Avatar
    I can never forget last year when Bob Probert died, he was one of the greatest enforcers/fighters in the NHL and I saw him play at the OPP vs NHL Alumni game in Timmins 4 years ago.
  5. Rudolf's Avatar
    One of lativan hockey players Karlis Skrastins was in Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane too. He died...
    My country is very sad about this..
  6. dam2040's Avatar
    I believe this year is bad. But, I believe we may never experience much worse than 2009,
  7. PoP's Avatar
    It is very sad. Very sad day for KHL.