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Subtle Eccentric

Reading Opens Up Imagination!

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I know we hear this statement over and over but I found this to be true. Especially when reading classic Children's Fairy Tales. I also like to see different adaptations of the story too because it makes you wonder more and truly use your imagination. For example, reading the differences in Disney's versions of Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Beauty and The Beast and reading the original adaptations from the authors is mind blowing because you see the imagination and creativity it took to bring such classics to life. It makes you wonder about the Magic of Disney and appreciate their imagineers even more.

I also love to read Suspense Action and Horror stories along with Comedy. You can say my same taste in films crosses over to my reading taste. I don't read anything tasteless and sensational, some writers are very tabloid style and it seems like they make a career out of harming other people's reputation. I only like stories that can take you away to far off places and free your mind of the stresses and drama of the world.

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  1. Daryll748's Avatar
    What a cool post
    Indeed, I love reading... I love the "escapism" it brings... I love HORROR and suspense too and I'm NOT fond of tabloids :beee:too.
    Reading is VERY important for your knowledge... Michael once said: "Knowledge is POWER".
    Its also PERFECT for learning a language...

    As a writer, I love to 'get lost' in a story I write... I love 'sweating' on it...

    I too love a story with a message... with a kick... I love going to HORROR movies at the theathre and then you go home 'scared'.... Once again, its like Michael said: "Its fun to be scared sometimes..."

  2. PoP's Avatar
    I'm all for fantasies. I go for fantasies like when I watch or read Naruto and Spongebob for example as my favourites, I wanna get away from reality because reality sux. Anime and cartoons are always my greatest source of escapism. I love the creation of fantasy of some sort, because you wanna go to a world you belong forever. All reality stuff that happened like laws, crime, war, famine and such ruins a perfect world. Fantasy is a perfect world.

  3. Severus Snape's Avatar
    It is true--reading has been my escape ever since I can remember. It's a nice way to block out the outside world. I guess you can probably guess who one of my favourite literature characters is.

    My favourite novel of all time is Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris, and the Disney adaptation, while vastly different, is still worth watching in my humble opinion.