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feels is words of saddnss that cry out for HELP

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[COLOR=#ff0000]my life been so much piss in me cause people around me, love ones around me, other peoples around me
they don't get me what i'm feeling inside it hurts

my mom & dad they tell me that i'm noy allow to cry
so one day i told them to stupid up & i say i'm allow to cry

people think is not big idea being slow they don't understand that inside of me i live everyday slow inside it disn't go away i'm bron with it lives with me
it hard to believe that

i don't know why? is o.k

i have speacial talent for music & people tells me try sing front of people
the problem that i'm afrid what people will say to me
cause i have been pick on my whole life & never
stop :cry:[/COLOR]

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  1. Tony R's Avatar
    Rockstar - if you want to cry, you cry

    If you want to laugh, you laugh

    If you want to sing, you sing

    Life is all about emotion and stifling it is wrong. All of us know what a sweet, good natured person you are and life can be cruel sometimes but it will be worth it in the end.
  2. rockstar's Avatar
    thanks tony r :hug:
  3. xthunderx2's Avatar
    I agree with Tony R Rockstar..if you feel the need to cry then you do that, You have to do what makes YOU feel right....what makes YOU feel better. Crying is an emotion that we all have and somritmes after a good cry you feel a whole lot better and you are able to smile again. Love and hugs to you. Thank you for making me smile. :hug:
  4. rockstar's Avatar
    thanks xthunderx you're have the sweetest words to my heart thank you :hug: back
  5. PoP's Avatar
    Like you Rockstar, I've met very few other MJ fans through DeviantArt, that have the similar problems and I share that with them like you shared your problems. My life sux since when I started my adolecent life, my friends ignored me, distancing themselves away from me I grew my excessive anger towards them and yet no matter I tried to gain their attention, the results are the same, my mom told me by the time adulthood reaches, they'll approach me, but yet she's wrong. So I decided I don't care about them anymore, if they don't care about me, then I don't care for them anymore.

    Luckily they knew I love to dance and I guess that maybe the only attention I got from them. You can perform and sing if you want and it makes me wish I would be there on the audience, if anybody says ill about you while you perform, I'd tell them to shut up or I'd kick their a$$es so they can give decent amount of respect.

    You got us, Michael and God to guide you.
  6. rockstar's Avatar
    hi PoP

    you're sweetheart friend of flowers that is nice words you give me

    i told one of my aunte that i was going to sing foreverybody for christmas this years i don't know why it came out to me like that but i don't know i can do it :( what was i thinking sayying that to my aunte
    i don't know what to do know :( :thinking:

    yes i agree what you say :hug: thanks
  7. PoP's Avatar

    Just pray to God about it, because I know he'll always be there for you and Michael too. Just think of both them and imagine they're there. Just do it when you find the comfort you need.
  8. rockstar's Avatar
    love you my firend pop you're sweet fiend
  9. Ms.MJ Fan2007's Avatar
    [B]Hey rockstar,
    Cheer up it's going to be ok I kown I've A porblem myslef but it's going to be alright :hug:[/B]
  10. rockstar's Avatar
    hi ms.mj fan2007

    hear you along time nices to see you again :hug: back :sun: you're true

    i try i try to ceer up but people wouldn't stop being mean i don't ceer up if people keep putting my heart into sad heart :cry:
  11. rockstar's Avatar
    so many friends of heart of words of soul thank you