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Baby, Im Amazed at the way you love me.

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It's amazing how someone can come in and totally change your life. Be it a mother, father, friend or even the biggest selling recording artist in the world. With the new spot light fixed on Michael Jackson we fans "Come Together" in more ways than one. We loved one man unconditionally and still do, he has had a profound impact on all of our lives in one way or another. People may ask us what our fixation is with Mr.Jackson we tell him its his huge talent that gets our blood pumping and our feet moving. But really its his ability to bring people of all races, ages and countries together.

Michael made us look at the world in a new light and help those who need it and not to sit on or rumps and let someone else do all the work. Regardless of Michael's physical state the man is still working his magic. Many people are now starting to slowly change their spots, Some are as thick headed as always and will only believe what they are told from sad supermarket outlets.

Fans Were loved by Michael and i can say they still are. The fans in the past were his rock, now we have to be his voice. Justice4MJ i have to say is the best group around. They are the most compassionate, loving and caring among us. And to them i say Thank you for being the loudest voice Michael has ever had.

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