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Subtle Eccentric

What Gets You In Your Creative Zone?

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I always love to know the different ways people get into their creative zone. For me, when I'm listening to great music surrounded by great art. Sounds silly but it's true. What gets you in your zone? This might be might shortest blog ever. lol

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  1. Daryll748's Avatar
    Cool blog
    For me, it has to be DARK... I mean I'm TOO distracted to write when its light outside so I can only 'create' when its DARK outside... That sounds silly too, I know... Inspiration does POP up during the day sometimes on moments where you curse 'ARGH NOT NOW' but I'm always thankful though...
    Oh, there is a difference between creating Fanfiction (MJJC BLOG :cheeky: ) and my Book project
    Michael's music helps to 'create' the right sphere for my Fanfiction but 'silence' is needed for my book project...

    Have a creative day,