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Halloween Thriller!!

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Well around this time of the year the season of Fall begins and being a MJ fan of course I am watching Ghost and Thriller. I also look at the scary horror films and eating candy enjoying The Simpsons Tree House Horror but there is something else that I love to do. You guessed it, I love the coustumes and dressing up. The make up and fun of that day but then again you can't forget the pranks. I love harmless fun but I don't like throwing eggs especially throwing the stinky ones. I scrapped my knees so badly trying to get away from some pranksters that my skin was open. Yes, it was not a pretty sight. I love safe fun not the kind that gets people hurt, what do you like about Halloween?

Man, I almost forgot I love to write scary stories too. I might post some spooky fun or scary blog posts on the dayts leading to Halloween or just snippets until I complete it on Halloween. We shall see, but I want to hear from you, what do you like to do for Halloween? Hey maybe there some ideas I can incorporate for ffun at a party. For example, one party idea that I did was since I had a thriller party, I got oreo cookies and grounded them to look like dirt. I had to head stone props and then I used gummy worms to come out the graves, For head stones I used Gram Cracker squares. I made Jello Mold Spiders. Cookie cutters are wonderful. I also had vsugar cookies that I used cake frosting to make pumpkins. What are some of your fun ideas?

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  1. PoP's Avatar
    I love Halloween. I once dressed up as Michael on trial wearing PJ bottoms (except mine were Spongebob bottoms) on and slippers, I didn't shower that day so my hair can get messy as Michael did that day. The father of one of the kid thought I looked like Ozzy Osbourne, but I clarified him to who I look like.

    Now what I do for Halloween recently is that I can play Ghosts on VHS (I recorded through MuchMore), play the "Thriller video on from my iPod and play Naruto Episode 194 on my MacBook laptop. I didn't have any idea who I can dress up as this year, I think I'll dress up as the player of the Boston Bruins again. I can use glow in the dark fabric paint on the pumpkins. I can hang up Michael Jackson pics of Thriller and anything Halloween I can put up.

    That's my Halloween