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Wrote a letter to my mom, ending our relationship....

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Was one of the hardest things I've ever done. But, it's something I REALLY needed to do, probably a long time ago. It was still hard though.

My mom was pretty much a dead beat mom, only called, wrote or saw me once in a while and then was gone again. I have been seeing a psychologist and we finally figured out this is where a lot of my inner pain is from. Since I was a kid and even until recently, I always had this fantasy that one day she would turn into the mom I wanted and actually reach out, keep in contact and truly showed she loved me. She missed out on all my major milestones while I was growing up but then would tell people what a great mom she was and how we had this great relationship, etc etc. And I just kept waiting for her to turn into a real mom.

I finally realize that she will never be the mom I've always longed for and I just can't take the pain of it anymore. This is my time to heal and be the person I want to be, to do that, I have to walk away.

I sent the letter out today. I worry how hard it will be for her to read it, I don't like hurting anyone's feelings, but I need to move on and be my own person, and be true to myself.

But it was still hard to do.

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  1. max000's Avatar
    Wish i had the perfect words. You took a big step. Praying it works out for you...... Good luck.!!!!!
  2. Reghead121's Avatar
    Thanks Max, I appreciate it.
  3. megafan001's Avatar
    My prayers are with you.