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Horror Movies!

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It's starting already, even the classics and guess who's been watching? Yes, I have enjoyed them too. Makes me want to make my own even if it's not the big budget just make some fun ones. I don't like to scare in a bad way but for fun yes I like it. I have watched some classics on TCM that is Turner Classic Movies and they have been quite entertaining. I love the black and white films I really do they make me feel like some of today's film makers should take notes. I have been doing some sketching as well of some monsters and ideas of some creatures that can be lovable or quite frightening. Do you like to draw?

Remember how I wanted to know your ideas? I came across something on youtube that cracked me up. They had what seemed to be a lifeless doll stretched out around the candy bowl soon as the kid got their hand in the candy bowl oh my gosh the doll raises up and yells, Hey, that's my candy. Kids were freaking out it was really funny. I'm thinking about getting that doll just to get a laugh from the trick or treaters. Just won't do it to the real young ones because they are too young to handle that kind of scare.

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  1. Daryll748's Avatar
    yep, me love this time of month
    I just bought part 2 and 4 of RESIDENT EVIL... Already have part 3 and still searching for part 1... I love that kind of movies where you can shriek :swoon: and laugh at the same time... I also bought season 1 of Buffy, the vampire slayer... I got hooked on season 7 though

    Well, I always wanted to draw but I can't I just don't have those 'fine motoric skills'... it has always 'frustrated' me though... would be cool to help my 'storyboards' as when I write I see it in visions and dialogues and I can ONLY put it in words...

    WOW, would love that doll... I love 'interactive' stuff like that...