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Are You Scared Yet?

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I was watching Ghosts and the Making of Ghosts and it made me miss and appreciate Michael's genius more and more I tell you. Everything from the story line to his concepts and the choreography just watching the master at work is mesmerizing. Being that Halloween is on Monday I might as well unveil something special so what I think I'm going to do is have it up on Monday. Oh this should be good!!! Until then enjoy these!!


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  1. HIStory's Avatar
    I was watching Ghosts and the Making of yesterday as well! And every time I watch it I think it's a shame how relatively unnoticed by this brilliant work is by the general public. It's criminally underrated!

    It shows what a great actor Michael was. It has crazy choreography. Cool effects. And most of all a deep message which culminates in the lyrics of "Is it scary":

    I'm gonna be
    Exactly what you wanna see
    It's you whose haunting me
    Your warning me
    To be the stranger
    In your life

    Am I amusing you
    Or just confusing you
    Am I the beast
    You visualised
    And if you wanna to see
    I'll be grotesque
    Before your eyes

    Let them all materialise


    I'm gonna be
    Exactly what you gonna see
    So did you come to me
    To see your fantasies
    Performed before your very eyes

    A haunting ghostly treat
    The foolish trickery
    And spirits dancing
    In the light

    But if you came to see
    The truth the purity
    It's here inside
    A lonely heart

    So let the performance start


    Masquerade the heart
    Is the height of haunting souls
    Just not what you seek of me
    Can the heart reveal the proof
    Like a mirror reveals the truth
    See the evil one is you

    I wish people would listen to the message in it! It's so true! When they assume evil in Michael it's the reflection of THEIR OWN evil side and evil thoughts!

    I hope the film complete with Making of will be released on DVD/Blue-ray!