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Best & Worst Moments of 2014

Don Cherry knows best

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The only person I know who knows what's best for hockey is none other than the former Boston Bruins coach and yet best known for "Coaches Corner", Don Cherry.

I do believe he knows what's best for hockey because he knows what's best for the kids in hockey to make teach them lessons and to be safe. Yet I still don't understand people couldn't stand him, they think he's nuts and so hypocritical they wanted him off CBC and that fact pisses me off. The people are the ones hypocritical, because they're idiots.

Yet the NHL doesn't take Don Cherry's suggestion well, because he wanted the instigator rule out, switch back to old school equiptment (which contains foam that doesn't cause concussions), etc. The only suggestion they take out of Cherry is extending the goal crease.

I still believe Don Cherry knows what's best for hockey and I believe he's the best. I always love his classic Rock Em' Sock Em' videos. For those who hates Cherry, saying means things and calling him names, they better shut the hell up, because I may someday take Cherry's spot.

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  1. Subtle Eccentric's Avatar
    So unfair how nobody is taking Cherry's suggestion seriously. If anything I'm all for better protection of the players especially when it can decrease injuries like concussions.
  2. PoP's Avatar
    Yeah. But Bettman and the NHL are just killing the players. They think giving head shot ban can help? No, they just make concussions a lot worse than better. Cherry keeps saying the same suggestion since 99' which he told about putting old school equiptment regarding broken jaw issue. You ever heard about NHL players getting concussions before? Like the 80's and the 70's and such? No. There were no concussions back then, until Bettman came along. I want him out of the NHL, step down as commissioner and let's see if Cherry can step up becoming the NHL commissioner, he can make hockey better and I don't give a damn what other fans think of him, they're idiots any how.
  3. Subtle Eccentric's Avatar
    I agree, I love hockey but I'm very particular on safety and to have someone that cares about the players be ignored just angers me.
  4. PoP's Avatar
    If only they listen to Don Cherry then the numbers of concussions would've dropped.