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Best & Worst Moments of 2014

The Hockey Theme

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The famous jingle "The Hockey Theme" has been part CBC's Hockey Night In Canada for a long time until 2008. TSN has now owned the jingle and CBC has got a new theme called "Canadian Gold" although I must admit it's a good jingle for HINC, but the old Hockey Theme fits better on CBC. Now it's still not the same, I mean the TSN version of the Hockey Theme just plain sucks. I don't care about the license issues, I want that jingle back to Hockey Night In Canada. It isn't the same anymore.

Now which you think fits best for the Hockey Theme jingle? CBC's HINC or TSN

CBC's Hockey Night In Canada version: [URL][/URL]

TSN version: [URL][/URL]

CBC & TSN go together: [URL][/URL]

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