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Subtle Eccentric

When Will It Stop?

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When will the books focusing on crazy assumptions stop being written. I would expect this from tabloid reporters but not from people close to Michael. I will not give an opinion on Frank Cascio's book until I have seen a copy for myself. I don't want to jump the gun because it's really a bad feeling to assume and end up wrong. From the preview itself I'm already iffy about purchasing the book. I just hoped that there will be in the future a true testiment that will focus on Michael Jackson's talent, charitable work, and his love for children. Something written about his social conciousness, how he was affected by things that destroyed our planet and did harm to it's people and most of all the kids being affected. That will be a page turner I will cherish.

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  1. dewey's Avatar
    Hi Subtle Eccentric,

    It's my hope, my dream to write Michael's [B]definitive[/B] bio...some day. It may take awhile, but I will most certainly include all those things you mention.

    Michael love to you,