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Best & Worst Moments of 2014

My Top 5 Worst & Best Moments in 2011

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[B][I][U]Top 5 Worst 2011 Moment[/B][/I][/U]

[B]5. The Vancouver Riot[/B]
Due to the result of the Stanley Cup victory to the Boston Bruins in a 4-0 loss in Game 7, the Vancouver Canucks fans once again started a riot since 1994 over a Game 7 loss to the NY Rangers (which they haven't won the Cup in 54 years). The fans in Vancouver are just as bad as Montreal, they just show themselves as a sore loser and a bunch of whiny babies.

[B]4. Leaving Naruto Forums[/B]
I left the Naruto Forums for the entire month due to my bloody feud to those damned Michael Jackson haters over the Anti-Defametion Law, they provoked me, then after that, I felt betrayed, angry and hurt believing no one supported me or took my side I reluctantly left the forum. I must warn anybody. NEVER EVER PROVOKE ME!

[B]3. HISSY FIT (Personal with Montreal)[/B]
After witnessing a 4-0 goal in the 2nd period in a Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens game, I got so pissed off I blew myself like a volcano I threw an empty bottle of Gatorade right at the TV screen and I could've destroyed my own house (I didn't literally), but I stomped,I punched and then I stopped watching the game after that. Then after that game, the city of Montreal crucified Zdeno Chara and they threatened Chara by pressing charges for injuring the Habs player I hate Max Pacioretty. Then the fans in Montreal were whining so much that they have t-shirts like "Chara Sucks" & "Lucic Is A B****" this whole mess got way personal that I quit watching Bruins/Habs games and watching RDS altogether.

[B]2. Goal Reaper[/B]
2009 deaths towards celebrities were bad enough, 2011 was as bad, but towards hockey players too. First Derek Boogard, then Rick Rypien and Wade Belak were dead. Soon after the entire team of Lokomotiv Yaroslav of the KHL were wiped out from a plane accident, former NHLers such as Pavol Demitra and Ruslan Salei were gone as part of the team. 2011 wasn't a good year in the hockey world.

[B]1. Godarich Tornado[/B]
Godarich, Ontario suffered an F3 tornado, the worst tornado in Canada all year. The whole town were badly damaged to that twister.

[B][I][U]Top 5 Best 2011 Moment[/B][/I][/U]

[B]5. Swimming Again[/B]
I went swimming this summer for the first time in 4 years. Don't ask why, I just didn't have a swimming mood those times.

[B]4. Gobble Gobble Turkey[/B]
This year were best for eating turkeys, Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas turkey were the best I've eaten. I love turkey. Gobble Gobble.

[B]3. Old Fashion Hockey[/B]
February 9th, the best hockey game I've seen of a lifetime. Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins. Lots of fighting including goalie fights and lots of penalties too. Bruins 8 Habs 6. Best game ever. Cam Neely style hockey.

[B]2. Anime-Mania[/B]
Awesome year for anime, watching anime and buying DVDs. "Shuffle" I believe was the anime as my lucky charm during the NHL Playoffs. I also grew fond of "Kenichi", "Chobits", "Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan", "Elfen Lied", "Rosario + Vampire" and even "Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls as well. My interest and fandom to "Yu-Gi-Oh!" came back to me and I've collected the entire series of "Dragonball Z". I'm currently trying to collect the entire "Naruto" series (which I have 2 volumes left).

[B]1. Boston Bruins First Stanley Cup In Years[/B]
FINALLY! After all these 16 years as a fan of the Boston Bruins, they finally won their first Stanley Cup in 39 years since 1972 (during the Bobby Orr era). Thanx to Patrice Bergeron & Brad Marchand scoring 2 goals each in a 4-0 victory in Game 7 over Vancouver Canucks. My dad and I waited for years to see the Bruins win the Cup with our own eyes. Boy I'm proud of the boys. Boston Bruins All The Way!

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  1. Darth Sidious's Avatar
    the worst is all the deaths in the Nhl, worst of all time:(
  2. PoP's Avatar
    Yeah and let's not forget the KHL team.