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Frank Cascio "My Friend Michael" book release date Nov 15 ,2011 / Excerpt posted at @pg151

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[QUOTE=moodyblue97;3542169]And this is what I have to say with the risk of getting more hate. And I try not to be cryptic this time.

What Michael publically stated wasnīt always accurate. Sometimes he said more than one thing about the same subject. Iīve two versions when it comes to Blanket, one that Michael said on TV and one that he gave me in private.
I have avoided this thread for a long time. Many things in that book is fabricated, they are bits of what happened. Munich 99 for one thing. I know for sure Michael didnīt get propofol there, unless he is talking about the night he spent in hospital, because that Iīve no idea about. During History tour he did have a doctor with him and everyone knows by this point how he got some sleep there, so Iīm not in denial about propofol. But in Munich? No

And then at one occassion in 2006 Michael said this (I donīt remember all his exact words, but horrible were something he said multible times.

[I]One of my friends, and I know this happened, told journalists or if it was a column writer that I seduced my fans. And that is not true and itīs horrible such thing were told. And they put women by my side. And some of them went on TV to say they had a relationship with me, that is horrible too, and itīs not true and people around me kept saying itīs good for me, itīs good for me. I found it to be horrible. They didnīt care about what it put the one I love through, as long as they could make me look straight they didnīt care what it could have done with what I already had since a few years back. There is not such thing as women, there is a woman, one woman, except for my mother. And the thought about her being forced to take the stand for me gave me nightmares and is the last thing I would put her through, to be questioned and being mocked by one of the most evil men on this planet. It was horrible.[/I]

And the more he talked the faster he talked and in the end it came tears. And he was really upset. I wasnīt alone with him at this time, there were other people around, one of them was one of his photographers. And one girl (as I know now is a follower) were there with another fan (who I donīt know if itīs a follower). And a few more who I think worked with him and not for him, like I did.
Iīve been thinking about this friend being Frank, but of course I can be wrong. Michael talked many times about his brother Eddie and that he is very talented and how he hoped for him to get a few of his songs out there. But he never talked about Frank like that. Who Iīve seen around only a few times and the last time in 2003.

And before anyone say "well, why didnīt he deny it then?" about those going on TV, he got that question from a person being there and he said "I would never humiliate anyone in public by denying, what good would that do to that person? Iīm not like that"[/QUOTE]

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