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Best & Worst Moments of 2014


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I've seen screwjobs. Unlike the Montreal Screwjob, I've seen way different screwjobs than that.

Like I've seen one myelf during the Dudley Hewitt Cup my hometown was hosting 5 years ago, it was in overtime and it was Schreiber Diesels (SIJHL) against our Abitibi Eskimos (NOJHL), I don't know what the score is, so it was overtime and one of our players from the Eskis got a penalty and we're outraged by that call we threw litter on the ice I was volunteering for V/A that time, then later we lost in overtime and we got screwed. That call in my point of view is nothing but a screwjob.

Now I've seen screwjobs in the NHL, mainly on the Boston Bruins, recently they got screwed over the goalie interference/no goal, which is a BS call. After the season started the Carolina Hurricanes and the referees screwed the Bruins with too many penalties. Then the referees screwed them again this time calling on Brad Marchand for cliping Sami Salo for which I now hate the Vancouver Canucks. I'm sick and tired of the NHL screwing my team, if there gonna screw them again and I'm gonna write them a complaint and they're they're the ones gonna be screwed. Perhaps I will step in as commissioner and make NHL way better than this. I can fix the everything up with the things that I don't approve of like putting back the old school equipment, get rid of the instigator rule and so on.

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