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Celebrity Grief is REAL! *my Thought on it*

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Celebrity Grief is REAL!

Celebrity Grief is REAL! Its as REAL as the bond or conecction you felt and feel witthe the artist.
Its as REAL as a' loss of a' Pet,Parent etc...

And yes I grieve over a' celebrity,does that make me crazy? No!
Poeple may not understand why,but its 10000% REAL and would love that people open their eyes and acknowledge it as such,and not see many with me and my feelings as crazy etc...

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  1. Daryll748's Avatar
    Indeed it is...

    Celebrities or artists are HUMAN too and many people FORGET that... They only see the PRODUCT they like to use and abuse...
    Artists have feelings too...

    They do NOT live 'hidden' away from us... At least NOT Michael, you know how loving he 'was' with us... We are his family ;)
  2. qbee's Avatar
    I agree carol
    But I have never really grieved over any other celebrity other than Michael becuase I wasnt really personally endeared to them. But with Michael I was attched to him on a personal level. I followed his life and career and I dearly loved him and still do. I grieved over his death and still do to this day. It effects me very deeply on a personal level. Not all people will feel this way or grieve over his death becuase they have never taken the time to know or love Michael . They just enjoyed or loved his music. I wont fault them for that . I feel the same way about other celebrities passing. I feel a sadness but not grief over thier death becuase I dont feel a personal loss as I do with Michael. As Daryll says he was family