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I'm the BRAVE one

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:hiya: to the MJJC Fam

I just wanted to THANK YOU all from the abyss of my soul...

To the world, this place isn't REAL and only a FANTASY but can a 'fantasy' give YOU the courage and strength to head out in the BIG BAD world again

As, this is my BRAVE step again... I'm applying for a job again... Start with Part time and in the ADMIN/ PROMO stuff...

Otherwise, I'll just be 'labelled' as a VULNERABLE person that NEEDS to be 'controlled' you know... ARGH....

So, NO more slacking and whining about my 'invalidity' or even my 'depression' :smilerolleyes:

I want to be BRAVE just like Michael... He was so BRAVE until the last day
If I want to make him PROUD? Then I should be the BRAVE one right?

Much L.O.V.E to you all, my REAL MJ Fam


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  1. dam2040's Avatar
    Much much love back. Your right, we've all got to be like Michael and have 'rhinoceros skin'. We need to stay strong in honour of Michael and what he stood for. A fantasy CAN'T give you the joy, pleasure and strength we all receive from here. I certainly know I'd be lost without this place!
  2. mjfan4alongtime's Avatar
    Taking that first step is being brave!, Well done you I know the feeling of having that 'label' no job gets you down, the thought of taking that step and looking for a job gets you down, it's like being on a roundabout. Smile because you are strong, strong enough to make the choice to find part time work even though you have depression. The comment above is very true, we all have to have 'rhinoceros skin' like Michael, you stay strong daryll, good luck in the search for work....I won't comment on fantasy's, i see fantasy's different. don't know if that's a 'everybody sees things differently' thing or just a 'me' thing. Maybe there is a fantasy for you that will give you the courage to go out in this world, to go forward, to find that job. Wishing lots of good luck for you
    Much love
  3. Daryll748's Avatar
    Thanks sweeties...
    Yep, if the man from the job agency was 'baffled' :blink:
    I told him its cause of my friends of MJJCommunity that gave me the strength and he was suddenly 'curious' about this place
    I'll keep you updated folks.

    Much back
  4. dam2040's Avatar
    I'll be glad to hear the updates See, this is what Michael does! Give us STRENGTH, HOPE.