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Can you as a fan sell fanfiction

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i for a long time have been reading a lot of fanfiction. so i come across a website where a fan put a copyright infringement post on their site stating that thier fanfiction has been turned into a full on book and the photoshopped pictures added to the stories as well as the stories are for sale. so basically the way i see it this person is not only selling michael jacksons name in a story but his image also. and for self gain. is this correct. they are not ian halperin who for all intents and purposes contacted the estate for permission to write his unauthorized biography about michael jackson. i want to know is it legal because this is fanfiction and photoshopped pics to sale michael jacksons image and name for self as an avid fan of mr. jackson find this deplorable when the man's own father cannot use his son's name or image to sell products. if someone runs across this post please give me your thoughts on this. maybe i am wrong in thinking this but i feel the person should contact the estate and do it legal, or find another way to fill their pockets besides using michael jacksons name and image. a disgruntled fan.:angry:

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  1. MjsLovelyOne88's Avatar
    Oh I agree with you, I think it's totally disrespectful and TACKY to :

    1.- Sell stuff that is product of someone's fantasies and brain, things that never happened and won't happen (as much as we'd want to, some of them are just plain..fanciful) that I don't think even selling them online ,99c a sheet would do it.

    2.-Selling Photoshopped pictures? god, some of the Photoshop I've seen is just so tacky and cheap, mainly of "Michael's body" and whatnot, even I could do it and on top of that turning it all into a book? that's just wrong and I'm sure it is violating quite a few laws, so I agree with you this person is just plain sick and a total scammer if she's thinking of robbing MJ fans like this. What a shame.
  2. myosotis's Avatar
    I'm not sure about photoshopped pictures, but I do know that artists have been prosecuted for using photographs without permission, by basing their art on them..especially 'street art' style paintings, which often take a basic photo and add other images / colours on top. Some photographers have sued and won, and the art has been withdrawn from sale / exhibition on these grounds.
  3. Daryll748's Avatar
    well, my take on it is that you always ASK permission and always GAIN the copyright BEFORE you put someone in the 'spotlight' or simply said before you earn Money on their backs... Otherwise, it's 'ILLEGAL' or it's COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT'

    I know, I'm a writer too and I write about Michael too but the MOST IMPORTANT rule for me to hit off with MJJC Blog was... It should be FREE... I'm doing this to uphold Michael's legacy and I will NEVER try to earn one dime on Michael... To me, it's a PRINCIPLE of RESPECT towards Michael...

    So, my humble opinion is... this 'fan' is a LEACH Period... One, I'll NEVER be...
    Okay, you can be INSPIRED by Michael but that doesn't mean you just 'leach off' his fame and fame...

    COOL blog though ;)

    L.O.V.E, DAZ
  4. whateverhappens50's Avatar
    THANKS GUYS, i knew i was right about this. so glad to get a response that makes some sense.