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Just an update

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Hello MJ Fam. If you notice i haven't been around much. I needed a break from the drama but obviously that is impossible. I have had my eyes open watching all the news about Michael and his family. This latest news is heart breaking. I hope for her safe return and i hope her other sons learn to respect her.

On another note, I have taken a step in recovery finally when it comes to Michael. I know it has been 3 yrs since his death but mourning times vary. I still love Michael But there is other men in my life now and i love them just as much. Michael is still in my heart, but a thin band of braided hair has wrapped its self around my heart. Since i was 9 years old there is one man that has been lurking in the shadows, one man's rat tail waiting for the right moment to squeeze my heart again and that man is Jordan Knight. The man in my signature.

If you think im bailing on Michael you would be wrong. I didn't tattoo his name on my leg just to be popular. I love the man.

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  1. Daryll748's Avatar
    Hello MJsSusie :ciao:

    Oh, I know sometimes it gets to you hey... Best is to step back and then come back 'refreshed' I just did that too... :blush:

    Anyway, that's GREAT news about Jordan Knight... I mean that's called 'moving on' in the 'grief circle' and NO it doesn't mean... You 'forget' to :heart: Michael NOW... It's just how life is... Michael wouldn't want you to mourn and cry over him the rest of your life and indeed, I've grown close to someone else too and I still 'cherish' Michael in my heart and soul...

    So, Have a GREAT day

    :better: from Daz.