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I'm Back

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[COLOR=#151515]Hey MJ Fam [/COLOR]:ciao:
Just me telling that I'm back...
Can you believe me, I got hit by... NO, not a smooth criminal [/COLOR]:cheeky: but the 'summer flue' bug :swoon:
Anyway, I did follow the news on FB and Twitter Through MJJC... I'm so PROUD of Prince aka Michael Jackson JR and Paris... Michael is indeed the BEST daddy in the world... He taught them so much wisedom...

It felt good to step back and then come back 'refreshed'... [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#151515]I also want to THANK YOU guys, my MJ fam here again as I mean I've finally managed to get out of that 'grief circle' thingy... HOW?

I guess being HONEST with your feelings and plunging into PASSIONS to make Michael PROUD...
It's maybe silly to say but I've grown close to Daryll (my protagonist) but I still 'cherish' Michael in my heart and soul...

[/COLOR][COLOR=#151515]So, 'moving on' it doesn't mean... You 'forget' to [/COLOR]:heart:[COLOR=#151515] Michael NOW... It's just how life is... Michael wouldn't want me to mourn and cry over him the rest of my life...

I can still go and visit him in our 'sacred' place...

Much L.O.V.E from Daryll and DAZ [/COLOR]:clap:[COLOR=#151515]

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