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Back to stay

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Hello MJ fam :ciao:

August started pretty BAD for me and I'm glad I'm out of the woods now...

I'm so glad, I'm BACK here... My SOUL HOME
I MISSED you all...

I do HOPE my new GP is right as he put me on a 'stomach/ bowel' friendly diet
and I should avoid STRESS too

Well, since it has been the 3rd Doc that 'scolded' me to "avoid stress" I 'finally' listened...

With the diet and LOW stress level, I do FEEL better and I HOPE I won't get that ill any more...

Fingers crossed,


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  1. MjsLovelyOne88's Avatar
    Well welcome welcome back. I'm glad you're doing better now, keep up the good work! A good diet and relaxing do help you feel better..more, alive? maybe, I've experienced that, so I'm glad you can too. :ciao:
  2. Daryll748's Avatar
    yep, indeed... I was a bit sceptical about that strict diet I started in August but I FEEL so much better now and it's NOT a hassle to stick to it though...

    My 'stress' zero tolerance 'masked' another 'disability' but to me... I see it as a GIFT that creative people share... I'm exactly relieved NOW I know... Thanks for caring, Lovely one