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Healed by Michael

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Dear MJ fam :wub:

Thought I'd give you an UPDATE here on how life threats me NOW...

As you noticed by the 'title' I'm FINE :tease:

NO, seriously... I never thought I would see a BRIGHT day again at the way I've been ill but you know what SAVED me...

[B]YOU guys here at MJJC[/B] :wub: This is my SAVE place where I can be myself ans SHINE so bright :angel:

[B]Of course, my 'Meditation' course... where I 'met' the SPIRIT Michael[/B] :blush:

I wish I could tell MORE people that are 'down and out' to 'try' a Meditation course at a Energy healing centre...

I learnt how to breathe...
I learnt how to trust again...
I learnt it's okay to fall apart if you just find the 'glue' to put yourself together again :cheeky:
I learnt what my REAL mission here is... Instead of trying out 13 odd jobs... I know WHY I'm HERE now...

MOST Important, I learnt to see my 'TRUE' self so that makes me less scared of this world NOW...

Cause I'm a SOUL having a BODY experience...

I am Forever :angel:

[I]HOW do I know I'm healed now? [/I]

I can watch TV again without anger outbursts... I even buy and read the Newspaper again and I even have the patience to sit down and read a book again... :clapping:

This is the NEW updated ME :punk:

Much :heart: from


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  1. julia95's Avatar
    I am really happy for you Daryll. :hug:
  2. MjsLovelyOne88's Avatar
    That's wonderful Daryll, I'm very happy for you.. I wish I could say the same about me, but unfortunately my family is going through some tough times at the moment..Michael, my sister, my pets and my mother keep me sane..can't say the same about my father.
  3. xthunderx2's Avatar happy for you Daryll. Glad you are happy and well :hug:
  4. Lark's Avatar
    I'm so happy for you Daryll! Lots of light and love to you!
  5. Daryll748's Avatar
    awwww :blush: thanks sweeties... :better: