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My Secret Love Michael .... <3

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i cant survive a day without listen to your magical voice ... you help me in every situation in good and bad ... as you passed away a part of me passed with you ;( michael you are truly the king of entertainment and also a beautiful person ...
love you and thank you mjjcomunity for this great forum :)

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  1. Daryll748's Avatar
    What a Beautiful blog, Thomas4MJ

    Welcome to MJJC :heart:

    Yep, I know the feeling... The first thing I NEED to do when I wake up is pop in my earphones with BAD25 :chillin: and when I'm HOME... MJJC Radio :punk: is always ON...

    Indeed, Michael has that POWER to give you the needy energy, courage and fire to live in this BIG BAD world...

    Take care,

  2. Thomas4MJ's Avatar
    Oh thank you :) but its not all told .... It would take hundret of pages to tell my feelings for and about michael .... He givey me power and always a smile upon my face :) i had tickets for this is it in london ;( oh god .... Well ... Yes i like bad 25 hihi abortion papers is my favourite one :) well to be honest i love all songs from mj from his disco times til now :)
    Take care Thomas
  3. Daryll748's Avatar
    yep, I could tell books about Michael... How I grew up with Michael as 'the friend in need'... My beautiful memories of Michael I have... I'm BLESSED I got to see him 13 times... :busted:
    Yep, we had COOL seats for 'This is it' :blush:

    My fave ones of BAD 25 is "I'm so blue" and "Free"...
    I absolutely love the Speed demon NERO mix too...
    Other songs included in the 'morning rap' are Morphine and HIStory...

    If I should list ALL my fave songs, the list would go on and on... I also love the Motown J5 era...

    Have a Great day,