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The way I become a Michael Jackson's fan

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My father likes listening to foreign music or pop music and going to bed so as a child I had heard the song from an old cassette. For a child is me, the song, the melody that was fascinating and attractive, but I have no concept of the idol of anyone or anything. Well, if fans tell me something. I am an admirer Hesman robots, cat Doraemon machine. For me, the music that is of your time, and I was just fascinated with the comic book, toy robot.
Meanwhile, I do not know who Michael Jackson is to the fans.
At that time, I was his student 1.

Not too salty, but the music, but I love to watch cartoons. At that time I did not have the video so sometimes I exceed cousin view. One day, my cousin brought a video tape labeled "Moonwalker".
"Foreign Musical?! No, I like to watch cartoons! "I lifted lean
"This is the cartoon that Tu! Let me turn to see "My brother definitely
I like robots, he turned right, the one he turned into the West (I or foreigners as his or her West).
"Dread! Why is he so transforms into robots? I rewind it! "I have a question.
And when viewed from the top, I was mesmerized. In addition to the skills that any child with her mother, I was overwhelmed by the dance, sound, rhythm, duration dieu.vv. Later I learned that video footage clips "Smooth Criminal". And "the black he is black, thin, skinny, big eyes, white hat" into the robot that the King of Pop Michael Jackson!
"Daddy, I want to hear the music of Michael Jackson!" I told him as soon as the home
Since then I regularly with the buy more cassettes Michael Jackson, or even video to exceed cousin view. My father complained to my mother, "Michael Jackson's This guy fans too!" Well, it turns out like this is the fans or idols someone?
Actually, I still do not have a specific concept about the fans an idol, but just know that did not know how many cassettes and videos that have been damaged due to fast-forward rewind, do not know how many times I have father scolded or even caning for Michael Jackson's music too much, do not know how many times I fell hurt because tried to go backwards or try to go in cycles like Michael Jackson. Do not know how many times? So much! So much so that my father must be good condition, new Michael Jackson music.
Meanwhile, as I fan Michael Jackson is trying to make a lot of good music to be Michael Jackson and with the buy plenty of ice.
At that time, I was his student 2.

To be continued in:

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