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The Origin of P.Y.T. Girls

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I wanna share about my lovely P.Y.T. Girls (OC's), short for Pretty Young Thing Girls, I created the first girl around sometime 2003 and I created more a few months later as the original P.Y.T. Girls (of course I haven't named them as a ground until late 2005), I named the group P.Y.T. Girls because I made them as Michael Jackson fangirls and as a club group.

Here are the names of the P.Y.T. Girls:

Sarah Kiss (originated late 2003)*
Paula Simmons (originated early 2004)
Erica Zuzic (originated early 2004)
Jenna Ryder (originated early 2004)
Monica Viscom (originated early 2004)
Terri Viscom (originated 2005)
Aki Fusato (originated late 2009)
Tiffany Lee Wensink (originated 2012)
Su Yung Xhang (originated late 2012)
Neewa Estevez (originated March 2013)

In 2005, Terri Viscom was introduced in the comic I created for high school in Yearbook class, she's Monica's young sister and a little less darker. After that I haven't drawn much of the girls except mainly Sarah until I made changes for her in 2008 and so a few of the girls too. In the fall of 2009 I wanted to create an ideal woman for Michael and aslo as a new member of the P.Y.T. Girls, Aki Fusato, a Japanese Canadian (inspired from Mana Tatsumiya from Negima) and a few years later I created a few more member Tiffany Lee Wensink, Su Yung Xhang and Neewa Estevez.

Here's their bio on each girls:

Sarah Kiss--->

Aki Fusato--->

Paula Simmons--->

Erica Zuzic--->

Jenna Ryder--->

Monica Viscom--->

Terri Viscom--->

Tiffany Lee Wensink--->

Su Yung Xhang--->

Neewa Estevez--->

*Sarah's my fantasy wife (SHE'S MINE!)

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