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Best & Worst Moments of 2014

My upcoming Halloween Fanfiction Special

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Hey. I came with an idea of doing a Halloween special story that I came up with. Well stories actually, it'll be PoP & P.Y.T. Girls first ever Halloween special I like to call "THE THRILLER TALES" I was so inspired by "The Simpsons" & "Regular Show" Halloween specials which are so hilarious that I would like to do the same. They each got 3 stories and I'm doing that too and I came up with just 3 which will be told by myself and the girls.

1st story- "King Of Vampire Pop" told by Aki Fusato

2nd story- "Dream Eater" told by Me

3rd story- "The Goal Reaper" told by Erica Zuzic

I'm not gonna spoil those just but I spoil once in a while, but I will from each stories, just one spoiler of each story. I'm gonna work on the cover which I just started. I love the idea of the title "Goal Reaper" I got the idea of did originally created as a heel character for one of my WWE games, he's kinda based on Jason Voorhees, except Goal Reaper does wear a hockey mask, but he wears a hockey referee uniform and uses a hockey stick as a weapon.

And as for the "King Of Vampire Pop", Michael is a vampire in that first story.

"The Thriller Tales" is coming soon planning for October.

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